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3.7 0z. tubes of NatuRx Pain and Inflammation treatment.

By embracing ancient plant-based medicinal pain relief formulations, NatuRx original uses sustainable sourcing practices deeply rooted in a holistic understanding of nature’s balance. By integrating this wisdom into modern technology, NatuRx has proven to be a pain and inflammation relief original formulation that is not only effective but with no  known side effects.

Health care needs and diseases are noted in ancient literatures. This knowledge enabled people to live longer and maintain health. Thus, in order to serve the curative needs of patients,  DrsOnlyLab fastidiously explores these ancient medicinal formulations for the most effective remedies through its world-class laboratory using the latest modern scientific technologies.

In the quest for curative agents, all-natural extracts from plants and herbs are investigated by highly-skilled researchers with expertise in isolation, purification and identification of natural products using advanced analytical and chromatographic techniques.

Many factors, such as agricultural practices, dissimilar varieties of plants, climate, adulteration, presence of metals and pesticides, all have an effect upon the quality of all-natural products. Thus, standardization is the most essential part for any formulation in order to achieve quality consistency. In this regard, for each DrsOnlyLab product, a complete set of standardization practices are a requirement, from raw material to finished product.

In order to maximize the effective benefits of DrsOnlyLab products, modern scientific technologies are used to ensure the most effective formulation, best quality and consistency. Each formulation is screened using stringent quality control parameters.


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