Your Choice - Pain Specialist or OTC Remedy

In seeking relief from pain and swelling we often explore over the counter (OTC) remedies. This quest involves finding a workable solution to the discomfort by examining product claims and their ratings. Or choose a Pain Specialist’s care.

What Works

Managing pain and swelling isn’t so simple since all discomfort is not the same.

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Claims and Ratings

Some products promise miracles, but skepticism is wise.

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Pain Specialist

Navigating pain and swelling remedies is complex, but pain specialists provide clarity.

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Store or Pain Specialist?

At home pain remedies demands research and experimentation.

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Pain Specialists who recommend NatuRx products are actual service providers.

Order NatuRx Products

It's as simple as scheduling an appointment...

  1. Call or visit your Pain Specialist
  2. Order NatuRx

What! No NatuRx Products...

When you contact your pain specialist…what if NatuRx products are not being offered?

Advise Your Pain Specialist

You would like to have all your pain management services remain with one practice.

Ask if it would be alright to have DrsOnlyLab contact them with a special offer so that you can receive NatuRx from them.

If okay, all you need is the name, phone number and email for the Pain Specialist at the practice who would receive our email.

Worst Case Scenario

Your Pain Specialist disinterested in NatuRx…

Find A New Pain Specialist
For NatuRx Products

Send us a simple message…we’ll hook you up with a Pain Specialist who recommends NatuRx products. 

Or order NatuRx products here online – 

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